A Healthy Home Detox

We all speak of the benefits of eating clean, whole food that is nutritious for you. The less chemicals you put into your body, the better. The phrase “you are what you eat” stands true. However, the state of the environment around you also affects your overall health. Especially all of the cleaning and self care products we use in our house.

The word ‘toxic’ is a definitive part of the ingredients list when it comes to generic cleaning products. Begin your healthy home detox by switching to natural alternatives. Not all cleaning products list their ingredients, so a little extra know-how may be required – anything with a danger, hazard, or poison label should be avoided along with ingredients (in the rare event they are listed) like ammonia, DEA, APEs, and TEA. Although even the most natural cleaners contain small amounts of hard-to-pronounce ingredients, choose cleaning products like you would food. Opt for short ingredient lists (five or less) and make sure you comprehend most of the terms – plant-based ingredients are the best choices, followed by solvent and phosphate-free labels. Avoid labels that promote vague, unfounded terms like natural and ecologically-friendly. Alternatively, you may make your own products. Baking soda, lemon, vinegar, and cornstarch are pantry staples that can also double up as cleaning supplies. Adding the right essential oils to the mix makes it all the more better. Combined with hot water and elbow grease, you may never need to use a chemical cleaner again.


Check out the picture below of essential oil recipes for some household/self-care items we use. Using these is the first step to detoxing your home!



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