The Benefits of Exercise

We all know that a healthy diet is essential for any happy and healthy life. But without exercise no amount of veggies and fruits will make of for lack of motion. Just life eating certain foods helps the prevention of certain health conditions, including regular physical activity has its own benefits.  Without exercise, it’s hard to reach your full potential both physically and mentally. Exercise must be included to help you reach your optimal health well-being.


Benefits of Exercise include:

  • Controls Weight
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Enhances quality of sleep
  • Improves balance
  • Reduces joint stress and back pain
  • Decreases Inflammation
  • Improves Immune Function
  • Increases energy and reduces stress levels

When you begin to implement exercise into your daily regime, it’s important to consider how much you do, what kinds you do, and what benefits you the most. Some people do better with a more gentle, relaxing type of exercise while others require a more vigorous type of movement. Experiment with walking, running, biking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, dancing, and just simple strength exercises like planks. Your options are endless. When you find a type of exercise that works for you the chances of you keeping it up consistently is higher than doing one you don’t like.

Exercise also produces the feel-good hormone called serotonin, which has an uplifting effect on your entire body.

So how do you make sure if you are successful with continuing to exercise? Accountability! Whether you have a friend, family member, personal trainer, or just a strong sense of will power- make sure you have a strong system to keep track of your progress and push you along.

All in all, find an exercise that you love to do. Any type of movement is better than no movement at all! Let me know what type of exercise you like to do in the comments below. (:


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