Is This Your New Year Resolution?

Congratulations! You have officially completed your first week of 2017. Wasn’t that hard, right? Now the next 51 weeks will be a piece of cake. You’ll be celebrating all the success you’ve made this year in no time!

Google by Iquanti totaled up the number of searches at the end of 2016 to see which resolutions made it on the top. Today, I am going to go over the outcome of this research and list the top 7 resolutions and the benefits of each one. Is your resolution on here? The list is as follows:


  1. Read More – 4 Million Searches

Reading is all around beneficial. There’s a reason they have us do it in school. It helps us retain knowledge and enhances our memory. Our stress levels can even less just by simply cracking a book open. Most successful people have reading to thank for getting them where they are. It was reading books that helped them gain the information and education needed to succeed. Need a boost to your vocabulary? Open a good novel with words you didn’t know before you read it and boom! You now have a new set of vocab you didn’t have before. Fiction helps us learn to emphasize. When we get wrapped up in a character’s life it helps us to understand how other people can feel. You never know when a character from a story can relate a lot to a loved one of yours. Going right along with that, sometimes we ourselves can pick up the motivating habits of a character we read. It could very well be the push that we need to act. So, if you made reading more your goal this year, take a look at these benefits from time to time to remind yourself that it’s worth keeping your promise to yourself.

  1. Travel – 5 Million Searches

How many of us dream about traveling the world? Practically all of us. There’s so much beyond the ground of soil you live. So many beautiful experiences waiting for you to discover them. There has to benefits to that. Well, there is. For starters, it helps you disconnect from your regular life. We all have busy lives. With work, family, stressful situations, etc. it can all become a little too much. Taking a weekend away from it all to travel somewhere else can help us clear our minds and gain some new perspectives on things. Plus, without all the pressure of the real world on you, you can finally relax. It’s not healthy to be tense and alert all the time. We all need some R&R from time to time. When traveling, you get to experience so many different cultures. This can help you gain knowledge on how others work and communicate, which could beneficial when you get back to work and real life. And the biggest benefit of all is that when you travel with those you love, you create memories that will never be forgotten. Some of the best moments in your family’s life could come from the time you spent traveling together. It’s not expensive to travel anymore. You just have to plan it out and buy your tickets early. Don’t neglect this tremendous opportunity you have given yourself. Step up to your goal and go explore the amazing world we live on.

  1. Spend Less, Save More – 15 Million Searches

This seems to be something we all struggle with. I was surprised to find out that this was only number five on the new year resolution list. For the past two years now, Americans have spent more than we make. An average household has around $9300 in credit card debt. Because of this, we have a hard time saving for emergencies or even retirement. It’s a vicious cycle we all get sucked into. I commend those who have made spending less and saving more your goal this year. It’s a habit we all need to pick up. If we were all to save more than we spend, it would make any financial obligations we have easier to handle. Which would then cause our stress factor to go down. A lot of stress we put on ourselves comes from we do not have enough money to cover our bills. Cutting out costs on items that we rarely use and then putting the money we save from that into accounts can help ease that stress. Create an emergency fund and deposit into whenever you can. So if there were ever an emergency that came up, you wouldn’t have to scramble or freak out. You will be prepared. Saving more lets us have more time to actually enjoy life. We can take the time to stop and smell the roses. Life is too short to let it pass you by. Making a habit out of saving more and spending less can potentially be brought down from generation to generation. Our children watch us and pick up our habits. If they see us saving our money instead of spending it, they will begin to do the same as they get older. Which puts them in a better position than what we were. A goal every parent has. You can also begin a legacy for your children. Open an account where you deposit money solely for the purpose of your children when they are older. By the time they are of age, you would have already set up a sufficient amount of money they could build on. When you save money, you invest in your future. We all tend to live too much in the moment and regret it in the future. Love yourself enough to save yourself of any future stress. Make 2017 the year you begin to change the financial patterns of your life.

  1. Learn New Hobbies – 17 Million Searches

There are plenty of benefits to learning a new hobby. One of the main ones is that it’s a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. An outlet for you to escape with. Sometimes it all can become a little too much. Doing something that brings you joy can help you de-stress when it gets that way. Any new hobby that you begin to learn should be something that you enjoy doing. But it should also offer a new challenge. We tend to get bored when things are too easy for us. Test yourself by doing things that may be difficult but you also find enjoyment in. Spending time learning a new hobby can also help your physical health. People who have hobbies are known to lower blood pressure, stabilize cortisol levels, and feel better overall. It’s also a great way to connect with new people who are interested into similar things as you are. You could end up creating new friendships you would never expect! Take your time to explore new hobbies and fully embrace it this year!

  1. Live Life to the Fullest – 18 Million Searches

Living life to the fullest is one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves. When we live life to the fullest we actually begin to enjoy life. We take a step back and see the world for how wonderful it truly is. We begin to appreciate others who surround us. We find this sense of joy and peace within us when we decide to never take life for granted. When we are determined to live in the moment and experience true freedom, all of the stress and frustration in our begins to fade away. This could possibly be the best way to balance out all the commotion in our lives.

  1. Get Organized – 33 Million Searches

I love that this is the number two resolution for the new year! So many good things come from accomplishing this! Firstly, you can become more productive when you get organized. You have a clear, organized path which causes you to be able to focus better. Thus allowing you to get more done in less time. Prioritizing tasks becomes easier for you. You can have a clear understanding of what needs to get done first and the urgency of each task. When you don’t have clutter, you can reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. Which can cause you to have more energy and even more enthusiasm. When you don’t have to worry about figuring out when to do things and where things are, you actually gain time in your schedule. We spend a good amount of our day trying to figure out what tasks to do next or where certain things are. Getting organized is a wonderful way to build yourself up for success.

  1. Get Healthy – 62 Million Searches

Is it really a surprise that this is number one? Everyone wants to feel and look better! Whether its losing weight, getting off medication, or just simply getting more energy- there are plenty of reasons to improve your health. Your health is your greatest asset. If you don’t have that, everything else if your life will become unbalanced. Health isn’t just about the food you put into your mouth. It’s about the atmosphere you surround yourself with. The people in your life. The exercise you incorporate into your daily regime. How much you enjoy your career. Everything about your life affects your health. If this is your new year resolution, it is vital that keep with it. The rewards from doing so are beyond compare. You can have a whole new outlook on life once you have your health back! All of the things you’ve been dreaming of accomplishing can come true. The weight will come off, the energy will come back, and the joy in your spirit will return. Helping people regain their health is my passion. There are no limits to what you could accomplish when your health is at its peak potential.


Whether your resolution for the year is on here or not, the whole point of this post is to help you remember the importance of your goal. If you stick to it, the growth you could accomplish within the year is so vast. I am here to assist you in whatever way I can. Contact me if you would like to discuss your goal and need a little reminder of why it’s important to succeed!


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  2. Bea Martinez says:

    Love it!

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